Main Entrance Stair Tower
Nursery Recovery Room
Nurse Station Boutique
Ped. Nurse Station Ped. Play Room
September 2003

218,030 (New)
3,050 (Renovation)


The Riverview Women’s Pavilion was designed to provide new state-of-the-art women’s services for a rapidly growing community. Focus groups established a “one-stop shop” concept where women receive comprehensive care including maternity services, diagnostic and treatment services, physician offices, boutiques, as well as prevention, education, information, and referral services. Women also said they wanted a facility that was attractive and inviting: more like a spa or hotel, not a hospital.

Based on this input, the plan developed around a central atrium to bring natural light into the heart of the pavilion. Soft curves in the plan emphasize comfort and privacy while mitigating the institutional aspects. The desire for a sophisticated yet informal and inviting facility became the theme of the interior design as interpreted in the warm neutral colors and bright accents of an English Garden