Exterior Linear Accelerator
Linear Accelerator Linear Accelerator
Control Station Feature Wall
Feature Wall Feature Wall 
February 2018
1,800 sf addition
992 sf remodel

The latest addition to the Major Health Partners Major Hospital in Shelbyville, Indiana is an expansion of the Cancer Care Center, the original building on the site. A new second linear accelerator vault was built adjacent to the existing treatment area requiring close coordination between the design team, the construction manager, and clinical staff to deliver a complex, multi-phase project.

The simple exterior massing of the addition was designed to complement the existing hospital campus. Indiana limestone and a reflective glass curtainwall were used to match the hospital. The placement of the new vault adjacent to the existing vault allowed for a single, unified control station.

Because of the integration with the existing area, phasing was carefully planned to allow continuous operation of the existing treatment area while still maintaining the highest standards of patient satisfaction and infection control.

Interiors were designed to minimize the anxiety that can be associated with cancer treatment. The warmth of wood provides a counterbalance to the intimidating treatment equipment. The first thing that a patient encounters when entering the space is a custom-designed feature wall that holds six Lichtenberg figures. These are often called “frozen lightening bolts” and were produced on-site by the original linear accelerator that was decommissioned after the new one was operational.